Thesis Defense

On October 9th 2019, I successfully defended my thesis "Shape Memory Alloy Actuated Switch" for the degree of M.Sc. in Interdisciplinary Engineering at Texas A&M University. The thesis was supervised by a multi-discipline faculty committee; Dr. Robert Balog (Adviser - Electrical & Computer Engineering), Dr. Bilal Mansoor (Co-adviser - Mechanical Engineering) and Dr. Ibrahim Karaman (Committee Member - Material Science & Engineering). 

Tech Talk

Featured as a guest speaker in the first Fab Talk hosted by QBIC Fablab under the title "Prototyping for Product Development (Hardware)"

Literacy Program

Took part in the initiative by the student body to eliminate illiteracy among university workers as a teacher and curriculum adviser 

Handball Team

Former Member of the  Texas A&M Handball Team (Position: Circle Runner)

Participated in the USA Team Handball College Nationals - Men's Division