Home-Assisting Robot Concept

Designed as part of the "Autodesk Design for Robotics Contest 2017", MR-Homie is a mobile robot that works on a fixed household schedule and walks over your house walls. With its’ aerial view of your room spaces, it has full view of all room features and can spot any changes to it. With its’ two flexible handling arms, it has access to all room content with the ability to hold and move stuff around the room. The idea is once you launch it in your home, it will roam around the house to 1- map out the house 2- identify and recognize all home appliances and furniture. Then through an app, you will choose a bunch of functions to be done by MR-Homie and set frequency and timings to those functions. For example, functions may include:

  • Do laundry on Saturday morning (sub functions: open washing machine, pick up cloth from the basket and put it inside the machine, close the door, turn it on)

  • Pick up any thrown away cloth on the ground and put it in the laundry basket

  • Prepare my coffee and cereal on working days at 7 am

  • Fix my bed once I leave the house every morning

  • Wash the dishes once it is put in the sink

 and more and more


Technical Details:

The flexible handling arms : Inspired by Festo’s handling assistant, those arms will be made of extendable light-weight plastics that are pneumatically actuated. It has 3 “tubes” so by controlling air flow in each and all of them, you can control the arm dynamics (extension, retraction and bending).


Legs: those legs will be made of suction tubes (use vacuum to hold to the wall) and are actuated through 4 limited-rotation motors.


Vision: MR-Homie has stereo-camera as well as a lidar to run object recognition as well as mapping of the house in addition to other front and back sensors for motion control.