Finite Element Analysis of a Hook

This project involved the analysis of a Carbon Steel hook hanging from the ceiling and carrying a load of 9 Kg (88 N). Such analysis is typically done manually using equations of curved beams but for learning purposes. the analysis is done using the finite element analysis (FEA) software namely ABAQUD. This analysis showed that the critical stress areas are at the inner and outer surfaces of the jointed side of the curve with maximum stress of 12.94 MPa and 19.47 MPa at the outer and inner surfaces respectively. Also the largest deflection occurred at the tip of the beam with a magnitude of 2.659*10^-2 mm.


The yield strength of typical carbon steel is 370 MPa. The maximum stress found on the hook upon the application of an 88 N downward force is close to 19 MPa. Therefore, the hook should not yield for such a load, and can be used for this certain application.

Overall, the number of mesh elements achieved satisfactory results, although increasing the number of nodes would have yielded more accurate results in terms of the maximum deflection and maximum stress at critical areas (as seen by the mesh convergence plot). The limiting factor for increasing the number of nodes was a software license limit.

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