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Graphical User Interface (GUI)

EZ-Bill: checkout as you shop

As a course project for the undergraduate mechatronics class in 2017, I proposed a smart billing system that would help eliminate check-out queues in large stores. The idea is to embed proximity sensors along the shelves of the store that when activated, a mobile cart mounted on the shelves will move to the sensor position. This mobile cart will have a barcode reader and a two-way interface system, and will be connected wirelessly to the checkout counter.


The customer can use this cart to check out items he is going to buy and get information about them through the barcode. The customer is identified by the cart through an RFID card that he picks up on the way in to the store and drops it off on the way out. After the customer finishes shopping, he heads to the check-out counter where he scans his card and a bill is automatically generated for him that has all the items he scanned on the mobile carts. 

My team of 3 engineering students successfully prototyped this idea in the form of a mobile cart with LCD display, RFID Reader, Zigbee Transciever, Power Source, Barcode reader, Control Unit and Push Buttons mounted on a 0.75m shelf section with a pulley-cable moving system and push buttons installed along it. The checkout counter included; an RFID Reader, Control Unit (Arduino), USB-connected Zigbee Transceiver and Graphical User Interface on a computer. The GUI was designed on Python and it was connected to the RFID Reader and Transceiver through serial communication while fetching data (prices, product names & barcodes) from an excel database on the computer.


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