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Smart Watch/MP3 Player for Autistic Children

I developed this proof-of-concept prototype for a group of students participating in an entrepreneurial competition. The problem they were trying to solve was that of autistic children getting lost. An autistic kid won't usually be aware of the fact that he/she is lost so he/she would never seek help as a non-autistic kid would. Therefore, they wanted to make a smart watch/bracelet connected to an app on the parent's phone with the following capabilities:

1- An automatic lock in the watch (app-controlled) so that the parent is the only one who can take it off the kid.

2- Real-time location of the kid (& watch) displayed in the app.

3- A notification on the parent's phone when the kid's position is outside of the pre-set safety range (e.g. 50 meters).

4- A recorded message plays at max volume through the watch's speakers to notify the people around the kid that he is lost and needs help. At the same time the message is played, the parent's phone number is displayed on the watch. This message is played when the parent presses a button in the App.

5- An mp3 player + real-time clock so that it is desirable for the kid to wear it.

The electronics for the device included; WiFi-enabled Nodemcu Board, Speakers, Metal-gears Servo Motor (for the lock), Rechargeable Li Polymer Battery, Charging Circuit, OLED Display, Push Buttons, an MP3 player module and an SD Card Module. The casing of the device was designed using SolidWorks then 3D-printed and covered with leather. 

The programming for the device was entirely done on Arduino IDE. The positioning was performed using Google's geolocation API (WIFI positioning not using GPS).  The App was developed on Blink.


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